About Medgar Ever’s House/Meeting Hollis Watkins

valentine Valentine Irungu, sophomore, biology major: Going to Medgar Evers home was surreal, especially stepping on the same places he stood and seeing where the shots ricocheted in the kitchen. Also, we learned about his personal life, his wife, and children and we learned that he was a mild, nice, gentle man.

I never met a civil rights veteran before meeting Hollis Watkins. Talking to him one on one was a moving experience. He was so humble, resilient, and forgiving. He wasn’t bitter and didn’t hold a grudge, even after all he went through. His personality reminded me of my grandmother. I loved how he interacted with all of us through song. That was a key part for me.

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One Response to About Medgar Ever’s House/Meeting Hollis Watkins

  1. Mary says:

    Walking on the floors that Meager Evers and his family walked on, seeing the bedroom where his children slept – mattresses on the floor to protect them from bullets that may have been fired through their window – the driveway where he was shot, and seeing the place where evil sheltered himself before firing his gun – the thoughts and feelings that went through me are hard to put into words. Would his life be spared had he followed the rules that he had established for his family, to exit on the passenger side? Or was his time to take his place in history?

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