Lesson from Dr. Rebecca Tuuri

rebecca-bene-marianne Bennie Ukhueduan, junior, cell and molecular biology major; USM’s Dr. Rebecca Tuuri, and Marianne Neba, sophomore, who aspires to be a biology and women’s studies major.

Comments from Bennie Ukhueduan: I like the way Professor Rebecca Tuuri talked about history, oral history, voice recordings, living history, and using primary sources of people in the civil rights . We were just at the beach in Biloxi, and we didn’t realize what we were walking on. We heard a doctor tell the story about being tired of the fact that black people could only go to a tiny strip of beach in a dirty area. They went to the white beach one day and were beaten up by the white people. When the police came, the white people ran away. The police tried to arrest the doctor but he said he couldn’t be arrested yet because he had to stitch people up. After he took care of the injured, he turned himself in. It was amazing Professor Tuuri was working on research about National Council of Negro Women in the Civil Rights Movement.  She made our living history tour come alive in her presentations.  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rebecca-tuuri-ph-d/36/495/539

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One Response to Lesson from Dr. Rebecca Tuuri

  1. Alberta says:

    Loved her presentation!!!

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