Contemplation on the Death of Medgar Evers

johnarthur2John Arthur, faculty member at UMD: Visiting Medgar Ever’s home was a chilling experience for me. I felt I was touching Medgar Ever’s spirit. Standing in his living room, bedroom, kitchen, and driveway where he was shot, I felt his pain. I felt his spirit telling me to fight on — aluta continua, which means the struggle for social justice continues.

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3 Responses to Contemplation on the Death of Medgar Evers

  1. Kaohlee Vue says:

    It was hard to hear the stories of how Medgar Ever’s family was affected due to his involvement in the NAACP. For instance, the family used the refrigerator to bolt the back door shut for their safety during the times when Medgar Evers was gone. Also, the children learned to crawl to the bathroom and into the bathtub for safety when people fired at their home. I mean wow—imagine growing up into that kind of life.

  2. Brilynn says:

    Seeing his house made it so much more real. We were standing where he was assassinated, and that was so surreal. I am so glad we added that stop to the trip.

  3. Hamdi Barre says:

    This stop was one of my favorite because we were literally standing and sitting exactly where a great Civil Rights leader stood and we could see the exact bullet holes where the house was hit. Everything felt like less of a story and more of a reality and was really powerful.

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