I am the dream and the hope

ashleyAshley Perry, sophomore psychology major: Tougaloo College was built on a plantation. It was so ironic that the same place that broke down African Americans became a college that uplifted students. It reversed from a place where African Americans were nobody to a place where they were somebody. Walking around the campus, I kept thinking of Maya Angelou’s  phrase from the poem, “Still I Rise.” She said, “I am the dream and the hope of the slave.”  Just walking around I felt that phrase so strongly. Just by educating myself I have done that, I have lived the dream of my ancestors and many people that came before me.

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One Response to I am the dream and the hope

  1. Tamara Smith says:

    Those were some powerful words. That place was so unique and moving especially due to its history, role in the Civil Rights Movement, and the education that it is spreading to youth today. | “Where History Meets the Future.”

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