Witnessing the Struggles


Shea’na Grigsby, community member: “Are you picking up what I’m putting down” is a phrase that consistently keeps coming to the forefront of my mind as this journey through the south continues. Having traveled for 5 days, seeing different places and hearing the stories, I am finally able to wrap my head around what it must have felt like to be a young African American woman in the south all those years ago. As much as I’ve tried to understand the struggles of the people before me it has never resonated this much and had such an impact as it has had witnessing these struggles where they actually took place. What I take for granted now, I would not have had a choice 50 years ago and it’s scary to think how unconscious I am in these “routines”. This trip has opened my eyes and has challenged me to not only be a better educator to the people I surround myself with but be a better self learner. I am excited for the possibilities that can help me pave my own destiny and look forward to taking advantage of opportunities that will continue to lay the foundation for the generations after I am gone. I would be doing myself and everyone before me a disservice by denying myself what I can freely do without question that people could have only dreamt of in the past.

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