Jackson: COFO

cofo-talk4Flonzie Brown Wright, Cheryl Reitan, Hollis Watkins, Mary Cameron and John Arthur

cofo-preciousPrecious Vines and Brandon Taylor, COFO staff, share COFO’s history with the group.

cofo-morton1Cheryl Reitan (right) shows a photo of a Minnesota Freedom Rider, David Morton, father of KUMD’s Maija Jenson Morton. Precious Vines and Brandon Taylor on left.

cofo-groupThe group at the COFO office.

cofo-cynthia-flonzieCynthia Goodloe Palmer, organizer of the 2014 Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary and her mother Flonzie Brown Wright, a Civil Rights Trailblazer

cofodancingDancing to the songs of Hollis Watkins. Watkins known across the country for preserving and performing the Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement.


One Response to Jackson: COFO

  1. Rowell R. says:

    I think that the experience was the best I ever had. It was AMAZING. I wish more moments like these happened. The people who coordinate are amazing themselves and they know how to coordinate.

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